Trade, Profit, Repeat:
The Simple Trading Steps Formula

Earn $50k – $150k in Funding
by Passing The TopStep Trading Assessment


What You Need

$50,000 Buying Power

$49 USD/Month – Regularly $165


Rules You Must Follow To Pass The Apex Test

1. Do Not Trade On Your Own

You will receive buy/sell signals directly from us. Not following these rules will cancel our guarantee if you don't pass.

2. Paper Trading

Use the simulator on Ninja Trader for a minimum of 3 days to make sure you are entering and exiting the trades correctly.

3. Signals

Once you're alerted, you enter the trade, your take profit level has already been set and your stop loss level has already been set.

4. $450 Shut Off

It is crucial to follow rules that we have calculated mathematically for you to give you the best odds in passing your evaluation on the first attempt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our system was specifically designed for people who have never traded before. Many seasoned traders also use it because it reduces the stress and fear that day traders often experience. Keep in mind that most traders have lost money before developing their own working system. We’ve done that work for you, but it’s essential to follow our instructions diligently.

Trading with our system begins daily at 4:00 am Eastern Standard Time (EST).

On most days, trading concludes by 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time (EST).

We usually recommend no trading after 11:00 am, especially if you’ve already made a substantial profit for the day. Afternoon trading is where most day traders tend to lose money or give back morning profits.

Don’t worry if you miss an alert; more will come. However, we advise against chasing an alert if more than 5 minutes have elapsed.


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